About WC Youth Services

At West Coast Youth services we aim to provide at risk youth with the opportunity and support to grow, change and achieve their short term and long term life goals.

We offer youth work, mentoring, transport, court support, sibling contact supervision.

We are flexible with times and understand that young peoples needs do not just fall between 9-5 and Monday to Friday;  we provide after hours crisis support to young people and negotiate individual needs for after hours activities.

We believe in a team approach and it takes a village to raise a young person.

We do not have a one size fits all approach and pride our selves on getting to know the individual, their needs and providing customised support in conjunction with other stake holders

We are able to connect the young people to other services which can include housing, counselling, centerlink, job agencies as required.

We offer high interest activities  at the end of every term.

We believe in the 3 Fs FIRM,FAIR and FUN

West Coast Youth Services - Experience & History

Over 10 years experience in the youth sector and a history working with the Department of Child Protection and family services, The Department of Education - Engagement & Behaviour Centre and various International Youth Organisations in Australia and internationally in the United States of America.

We also work closely with Juvenile Justice and the Western Australian Police.

West Coast Youth Services - Clearances and Training

  • WWC
  • Police Clarence
  • Objective writing
  • Protective behaviours
  • Therapeutic cries intervention training
  • Cultural awareness
  • Family and domestic violence
  • Foetal alcohol Training
  • Accountability and ethical decision making
  • Impact of trauma on children and youth
  • Senior first aid Services

West Coast Youth Services - Delivery & Services


At West Coast Youth Services it is important for young people to be very clear on  what is required of them.


At West Coast Youth Services it is important for young people to be very clear on  what is required of them.


Relationship building is important to gain trust , being culturally competent and diverse  to get the best out of young people, dependable and consistent connection is something that we pride ourselves on.

Vision Board

Personal goals for  moving forward broken down to not overwhelm -Week /Month/Year.

Vocational Education

Providing young people with the life skills to take their goals in to reality

Social and Emotional

Learning how to recognise emotions and developing self awareness and self control.

Showing empathy towards others and stablishing and maintaining positive relationships.

Gain confidence, resolve conflicts, manage stress and anxiety and learn social norms

Report Writing

To provide essential knowledge and feedback to appropriate departments and carers.


Court Advocacy, Supervised Sibling contact.