Youth Services

West Coast Youth Services mission is to provide at risk youth with the opportunity and support to grow, change and achieve their short term and long term life goals.

Youth Services for Western Australia's Young Teenagers

EACH YOUTH IS RESPECTED AS A UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL and we pride our selves on getting to know each individual and their needs, providing customised support in conjunction with other stake holders.

We provide a variety of youth services to assist teenagers and their families. We tailor our services to meet individual needs. Please contact us if there is assistance you need that is not mentioned in the below list of youth services.

Youth Mentoring

At WCYS, we provide mentoring to young people aged between 12 -18yrs.

Our Youth Workers will build relationships and create trust with the young person to use their experience(s) to guide the young person through the difficulties of everyday life and to manage their emotions appropriately.

At WCYS, we understand that young people can be overwhelmed by the thought of unpacking their difficult emotions and through mentoring 1:1 we can help them identify the steps needed to move forward to achieve positive outcomes.

Family Support

Establishing relationships with the young person and their family is important to appropriately assess their needs and determine eligibility for different public services.

At WCYS we can assist with connecting youths to the ideal service and provide assistance with the application process.

At times, families can be experiencing long term or short term difficulties following periods of unemployment, emotional, mental or physical crisis and financial distress. This can have a flow on effect to the breakdown of a family.

WCYS will provide a helping caring connection to assist with identifying and accessing appropriate services for the young person and/or family.

WCYS will provide the direct support to build bridges of communication and connection between the young person and their parents and/or carers.

Youth Transport

WCYS offer transportation services for young people to enable them to attend social activities, court appointments, education, medical appointments and any other extra-curricular activities.

Permission letters need to be signed to provide consent for WCYS staff to provide transport for the young person.

Court Advocacy for Young People

When our young people attend court, it can be a highly stressful experience.

Adolescents often do not know of or do not have a reliable adult who is capable or willing to advocate on their behalf.

The court process can be very intimidating and we have found that if we can provide guidance and support through the experience it can make a real difference to the young person.

Sibling Contact

Some agencies do not have the resources to facilitate regular sibling contact and quiet often this will result in disappointment, dysregulation and disconnection to family.

Sibling contact can also be distressing and result in negative and challenging behaviours.  Our staff have the training to help the young person emotionally drain off and debrief via Life Space Interviews before heading back to their placement. This will take place in a safe space for the young person and will be supervised by staff.

Social Emotional Learning for Young People

At WCYS we work with young people to learn how to recognise emotions and develop self-awareness and self-control.

After completing a structured program with WCYS, young people will be able to; have empathy towards others, establish and maintain positive relationships, build their confidence, resolve conflict and manage stress. As this can be quiet confronting for a young person, at WCYS we suggest that this only occurs after staff have established a positive helping relationship with the young person.

Relationship Building for Young People

At WCYC, our staff believe that you cannot make a difference in a young person’s life if you do not have a positive relationship and connection.

This relationship is built by being consistent, firm, fair and fun.

Sometimes adolescent behaviours can be intimidating, self-sabotaging, negative, violent and aggressive.   At WCYS we understand this is all a part of their learnt behaviour stemming from mental health issues.

WCYS staff will be there for the young person on their journey as they understand and overcome behaviours and emotions.

Life Skills for Young People

Too often, we find due to family dynamics and history of mental health issues such as trauma, our young people miss out on valuable life skills.

This can include: general self-care,
cooking, budgeting, employment skills, social interactions, health care, self-control, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, emotional regulation, and
basic household management.

At WCYS, we can cater to the young person’s individual needs and provide other skills deemed necessary to assist them in moving forward.